Troy watching sharpays video and giving her a kiss;)

I can’t

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I must say I’m enjoying seeing the Klainers freakin’ out over the Blaine/Karofsky-moving-in-together spoilers.

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Yesterday some of the “fans” thought they could get what they wanted from RIB by saying they were self-harming and threatening suicide. Since that didn’t work, they are trying to trend “One Year of Klaine” today.

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I’m gonna miss Crisscolfers and their theories


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Day 232673190 crisscolfer is still a delusion
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Do you want to have children eventually?

"I want as many [kids] as I can!”

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Klainers that are actually delusional enough to think that viewership and ratings dropped because they broke Klaine up the first time.

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No one wants this


No one wants this

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"Of course sir" he said to Cory moving Matt away "I’ll call you lea" he said before he was gone. "Thank you babe" she said laying her head on his shoulder "I just wanna get my award and go home to our babies" she said. "My mom said she has the tv on the show so they can see us and Daniel and Anna keep yelling for us"

"Thank you!" Cory said, nodding his head to the security guard when he removed Matt from there. "And god knows how much it took out of me to not go over the edge or something… That guys is far too petulant!" He said, in a whisper, so only Lea could hear him. "And going back home is all I want as well."

Soon it was time for Leas category and she won. She went up on stage and thanked her fans and Cory and said hi to the twins and William. She went backstage to take pictures and Matt was there “Matt look I’m all for being friends but you need to stop following me I love Cory” she said right before he kissed her and she pushed him off.

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